Replace an Adobe Air Code Signing Certificate in Thawte Certificate Center (TCC) or Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise (TCCE)

Solution ID:    SO942    Updated:    10/21/2014


Requirements:  Before you begin the enrollment for an Adobe Air replacement certificate, ensure you are using the same computer and Firefox (only) web browser that will be used for installation.

Perform the following steps to enroll for an Adobe Air replacement certificate:

  1. Log into the appropriate account where the certificate was purchased through:

    Thawte Certificate Center (TCC)
    Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise (TCCE)

  2. From the certificate list, ensure you select the correct certificate that needs to be replaced.
  3. With the Status tab selected, click Revoke and replace this certificate.
  4. Verify the certificate information to make sure the correct certificate is being replaced, then click Continue.

  5. From the drop down menu select a reason, then click Continue.

  6. Click Yes to allow the certificate operation.
  7. Confirm the certificate information, then click Continue.

  8. Click Ok to allow the protected item to be created.
  9. Check the box, I accept the terms of this agreement, and click Submit.


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Installation Instructions for Adobe Air Code Signing Certificates:
See solution ID:  SO26703

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